Paul Hittner is more than just an amazingly talented Graphic Artist. He’s more than that Consultant/Coach EVERY business needs. He is, what his business name implies, a BizVisionary!

I began working with Paul when I was in the process of reinventing myself as I approached 35 years in business. I wanted a fresh new logo and a website. What I got, working with Paul, was far more than I expected!

I could see in my head what I wanted to present to the world, but I had difficulty communicating to someone who would listen, let alone HEAR what I was trying to express. That first meeting with Paul… He not only heard me, he GOT IT! He intently asked me a series of questions that drew my vision out in such a way that brought it to life, outside of my head!

Our meeting was so productive and engaging. I asked if we could meet weekly or biweekly as I work through the process.

He gave me a copy of his branding guide and about 8 pages of prompts and questions that made me dig deep to develop my brand; identify my competitors; qualities of a great logo; my likes and dislikes; refining my marketing strategy; identifying my target market; creating a mission statement and writing my bio. Elements I needed in creating a revised business plan suddenly appeared! I had logos to review that only took 2 revisions! It was exactly what I wanted!!!

We met regularly for several months. Finally, I found someone who heard ME! My sessions with Paul brought to the surface feelings and insecurities that I had held on to for most of my life.

The biggest revelation came when he presented me with a sample of a brochure he created based on what I spoke about my vision. He NAILED IT! But my reaction was one that even I hadn’t expected! I panicked. Over the years, I had built an ornate façade to cover my insecurities. Paul was gracious and empathetic. He saw me as I had always hoped to be seen! But was I really ready?! Could I really live up to the expectation he presented?!

I left that meeting with a charge to complete the work that had been started in me, working from the inside out. Truly, when the student is ready, the master will appear.

While I know that my experience is unique, even to me, I believe that BizVisionary can help any business owner to level up in their business in a more meaningful way. I have most recently started working on a second business, using the same tools from my first. It’s making the process faster and easier.

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